Summer Projects 2021

On 22nd of July, two separate events took place on Margaret Kennedy Road; a street clean-up day and delivery, planting and hanging of hanging baskets full of flowers for each of the houses and apartments on Margaret Kennedy Court and Road.
The clean-up day was organised by the Community Development Health Worker Pamela Carroll, with Dublin City Council providing the equipment. Thank you to Pamela, Linda, Bronwyn and all the young pickers for all the hard work on the day!
The hanging baskets and flowers were sourced from P.A.C.E., a social enterprise on the Northside of Dublin which works with former prisoners. Regeneration Board staff helped residents pick and plant their flowers, as well as installing safe brackets for each house and apartment.
Two separate summer camps were held during the first two weeks of August; one for secondary and one for primary-school-age children from Margaret Kennedy Road.
Both camps were at full capacity, particularly with the younger age group with 21 children taking part every day. The activities involved trips on a chartered coach to Dublin Zoo, a Forest Park in Dublin Mountains, Tayto Park etc.
The children had a great time, and the camp also helped kids and families who had moved to Margaret Kennedy Road from St. Teresa’s Gardens flats, and other parts of Dublin to get to know each other better.
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