Targeted Responses at Youth, TRY, pilot project was established in March 2017 for a five-month trial period by the St Teresa’s Gardens (STG) Regeneration Board. TRY uses the Intensive Outreach and Bridging  (IOB) Model. It involves outreach – connecting through relentless outreach with the target group where they gather, developing trust-based relationships, and gradually bridging the gap between them and the services and supports they need to take constructive life paths.

The Regeneration Board met with a former manager of Ballymun Regional Youth Resource, who has extensive experience of initiating and managing outreach based youth work programmes. The model of selecting outreach workers who can relate to those involved in the groups to build a trusting relationship with them, with a view to bridging them back to more constructive life choices, was attractive to the Board. In early 2017, Dublin City Council agreed to fund a pilot project.

A steering group was established under the Regeneration Board to oversee the project from inception. This comprises the Regeneration Coordinator, the Drug and Alcohol Team Co-ordinator, the former manager of BRYR, the Community Development Health Worker, a youth worker from the Dán Garda Youth Diversion Project and an External Advisor and Evaluator.

TRY project has expanded over the last few years and now has a full-time team leader (who has been involved as a youth worker from the very beginning), one full time staff and two other part-time staff. While still covering the Donore Avenue area, TRY also now targets Oliver Bond flat complex and is building some great relationships with the young people there.

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