Residents Group

Traditionally the residents in St Teresa’s Gardens were very active and engaged in developments in their community. Since the consolidation of tenancies into the refurbished blocks at the front of the estate, community engagement dwindled as the population reduced. In 2017 a group of residents began to meet to plan and organise community events to build a sense of community among their neighbours in the newly consolidated blocks. This is very important because the residents living in the consolidated refurbished blocks will make up the majority of the community in the new 54 houses and apartments.
The Group currently consists of 7 residents and meets regularly in the Donore Youth and Community Centre. The group recently planned and organised an event to mark to the moving of St Teresa’s statue from the back of the estate up to the consolidated area. This group takes a role in giving out information about the regeneration project to their neighbours through flyers, leaflets and newsletters.
Having a strong residents group can ensure that the community’s voice is heard and that the community is involved in regeneration decisions affecting them. This group will continue to be involved in organising community activities and celebrations that would make the resident’s experience of regeneration more positive.