REGENERAT8 Photo and Media Project

The REGENERAT8  photo media project is part of an ongoing portfolio of work by local Liberties photographer Andrew O’Connell. He has been documenting local authority communities in the Liberties areas of Dublin for many years.  Many inner-city areas are at varying stages of degeneration with future regeneration plans being floated to residents by Dublin City Council as part of their regeneration programme to modernise estates from 1930s onwards.
This piece of work focuses on the reflections of the last residents who are leaving St.Teresa’s Gardens after 71 years. The remaining two front blocks will be demolished in late 2021. The flats will disappear forever from the Donore parish landscape, to make way for higher densities of homes to be developed in the years to come.
“As a third-generation resident of the flats, I felt it was my duty to capture this change through the lens.  I have a deep connection to the people, blocks, balconies, and fields which helped shape me into the adult I am today. REGENERAT8 captures the essence of those remaining residents feelings as they move to their new homes at Margaret Kennedy Road.”
Andrew O’Connell – 207 St. Teresa’s Gardens