Social & Cultural Regeneration

The regeneration of St. Teresa’s Gardens encompasses physical, social economic and cultural redevelopment of the area. The physical dimension of the regeneration of St. Teresa’s Gardens is almost complete, as all of the new houses and apartments on Margaret Kennedy Road and Margaret Kennedy Court are now occupied. The last two remaining blocks of flats are due for demolition in the third quarter of 2022.

Many had remained living in St Teresa’s Gardens through a significant detenanting programme and had shown time and time again that they are committed to this community. With the help of the community development approach, it is hoped that the new ‘Margaret Kennedy’ community can also develop into a strong one, and be inclusive not only of those coming from, or with previous connections to St. Teresa’s Gardens, but also of families who have come from other parts of the city and/or may have different ethnic or cultural traditions.

Through work of the Community Development Health Worker, the Coordinator and annual funding received from Dublin City Council and the HSE, Regeneration Board will continue offering supports and community activities to the residents of Margaret Kennedy Road, Court, and the surrounding area. These will include:

  • Community Health and Well Being: Exercise and physical activities, community garden, and support with various activities for women’s group, men’s group, younger women’s group, younger men’s group, Girls With Attitude Group, Muslim Women’s Group and breakfast group.
  • FundingThe Regeneration Board funds Donore Community Drug and Alcohol Team holistic therapies and other local causes such as financial assistance for local sports clubs.
  • Community Development: Through St Teresa’s Gardens Residents Development Group
  • Community Events are held several times per year. Some events aim to provide information on regeneration and related activities, others are fun events for adults and children, which help maintain community spirit
  • Employment and Education: Referrals for job local job opportunities such as those at the New Children’s Hospital site. Help with CV preparation and job-referrals. Specific training courses such as HACCP, Safe Pass, Manual Handling. Bursary scheme for residents towards costs associated with education and training courses.
  • Sustainability: TRY (Targeted Responses with Youth). The Regeneration Board continues to support this important and innovative Youth Outreach and Bridging project, more information can be found on website
  • Children and Young PeopleRegeneration Board continues to support children and young people by running a summer camp for both primary and secondary-school-aged children. It is hoped that covid restrictions will allow these camps to go ahead again in August 2021
  • Arts and Culture: The Regeneration Board supports and collects photographic, oral and written history of St. Teresa’s Gardens and the surrounding area, as well as other art work such as murals