Social & Cultural Regeneration

The regeneration of St. Teresa’s Gardens encompasses physical, social economic and cultural redevelopment of the area. The physical dimension of the regeneration is well underway, and  construction of the 54 new houses and apartments is due completion before end of 2020, with move-in of tenants expected to take place in the first three months of 2021.

Supporting the residents in the remaining two blocks through the final stages of the transition, with a particular focus on sustainability, is a key goal at this stage of the Regeneration. The majority of residents living in the two remaining blocks will make up the community in the 54 new units. Many have remained living in St Teresa’s Gardens through a significant detenanting programme and they have shown time and time again that they are committed to this community and looking forward to their move into their new homes.

The purpose of social, economic and cultural regeneration at this point is to create and sustain a strong community in St. Teresa’s so that community resilience and strength is supported throughout this phase and into the next phase. The co-ordinator compiles an annual funding proposal which is brought to the St Teresa’s Gardens Regeneration Board for approval. For 2020 the key elements of the funding proposal were ‘Community Health and Wellbeing’; ‘Employment and Training’; and ‘Community Events’.

The Social, Economic & Cultural regeneration plan includes the following:

  • Community Health and Well Being: Exercise and physical activities, community garden, and support with various activities for women’s group, men’s group, younger women’s group, younger men’s group, Girls With Attitude Group and breakfast group. Funding DCDAT holistic therapies
  • Community Development: St Teresa’s Gardens Residents Development Group
  • Community Events are held several times per year. Some events aim to provide information on regeneration and related activities, others are fun events for adults and children, which help maintain community spirit
  • Communication Strategy: Website, Newsletters, Information Posters, Open Days
  • Employment and Education: Negotiating and Implementing Community Benefit Clauses in the Construction Contracts for the 54 new units and in the New Children’s Hospital. Help with CV preparation and job-referrals. Specific training courses such as HACCP, Safe Pass, Manual Handling
  • Sustainability: Targeted Responses at Youth. The coordinator sits on the steering committee of this intensive Youth Outreach and Bridging project, more information can be found on website
  • Children and Young People: Regeneration Board continues to support children and young people in the area with a grant towards running of the summer camp for primary school-aged children from the Donore Youth and Community Centre
  • Arts and Culture: Developing a strategy for the Oral History Project ‘Remembering St Teresa’s Gardens’

The annual funding proposals contain a number of proposed or indicative actions, however, it is also important to recognise the fact that other actions may emerge throughout the year that cannot be predicted and/or identified in advance. It is anticipated that these unforeseen actions will be funded through the Social Regeneration Fund, provided that they fall within one of the eight strands set out in the proposal.