Remembering St. Teresa’s Gardens Day

I would like to invite you to  ‘Remembering St Teresa’s Gardens Day’  
on Saturday 23rd March from 11am-2pm in the Donore Youth and Community Centre.
I would like to invite you to bring along a memento that reminds you of a special memory in St Teresa’s Gardens. The item will photographed and the story of the special memory will be recorded. Mementos that people have brought to similar events include gravy bowls, photographs, christening gowns, door numbers, and ornaments. Refreshments will be provided and there will be a small show of the stories which have already been collected in St Teresa’s Gardens as part of this project.
This event is part of an ongoing oral history project in St Teresa’s Gardens. In 2014 St Theresa’s Gardens Regeneration Board partnered with UCD’s Folklore Department and Dublin City Council Arts and Heritage Officers to begin a process of collecting oral history from residents and ex-residents of St Teresa’s Gardens. The project acknowledges that there is a unique culture contained within the ‘walls’  of St Teresa’s Gardens and is collecting this through oral stories that will be held in the national archive.
This is a joint project with Dolphin House.
***Can you please share this with all residents and ex-residents ***
All current residents will receive an invitation through their letterboxes next week, as will local community/ sports services and businesses.


All the best,