The Regeneration Board, consisting of residents, local community groups, Dublin City Council and local representatives, believes that for successful regeneration investment in the social and economic elements, as well as the physical, needs to happen.

Key to the successful working of the Regeneration Board is the ongoing partnership, support and strong relationship with Dublin City Council and the Housing and Area staff therein. The St Teresa’s Gardens Regeneration Board is charged with the responsibility of driving the social and physical regeneration of St Teresa’s Gardens. The Board has developed a strategic approach to social regeneration in 2018 that will operate alongside the physical development of the site until at least 2021. We have a social inclusion agenda and therefore work with the wider Donore Parish, ex-residents, and people using/ attending services locally.

The Board establishes and supports activities, groups and programmes taking place locally. Current activities/ groups/programmes include the community garden, weekly women’s and men’s groups, St Teresa’s Gardens Residents Development Group, and the Targeted Response for Youth (TRY) programme and the Oral History Programme ‘Remembering St Teresa’s Gardens’. Financial and organisational support is provided to other organisations such as Donore Community Drug and Alcohol Team, the Donore Education Network, St. Teresa’s Gardens Senior Citizens, Donore Boxing Club and St Teresa’s Boys and Girls Football Club. The Board develops and implements community events.

The Regeneration Board does this through effective interagency working, where all members of the Board are key to the decision-making processes and where members bring a range of experience, insight and resources to the project. The Board meets monthly in the Donore Youth and Community Centre, and aims to ensure that all relevant views are represented, and that regeneration is delivered to the benefit of the whole community and within agreed timescales.